The GENERATION EASY sealing devices for the sealing of sterile barrier systems (SBS) set new standards in product design—puristic, aesthetic and at the same time at the highest levels of safety and quality. The new ergonomic features alleviate operation and make them the perfect partner for daily packaging routine in the fields of the physician and the clinic.
Impulse sealers

The impulse sealing devices hd 320 MS-8, hd 320 MS-8, hd 310 WS-8 and hd 510 WS-8 are through its compact constructions ideal for smaller facilities. The new hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak is the first fully validatable compact class bar sealer.*  Product Overview

Rotary sealers

The rotary sealers hd 680 and hm 780 DE seriesare, due to a sealing speed of 10 m/min, the high-performance devices. The hd 680 DEI-V and hm 780 DC-V are especially suitable for professional instrument management.  Product Overview
*V = validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2:2006